5 Tips Improve Concentration

Are you currently often find it difficult to concentrate and focus the mind? The various problems that come in repeatedly, whether it be family problems, financial or employment is a threat that can break your concentration. Even trivial things like children shouting, the sound of ringing phones, or voice is heard loud television can also disrupt your attention so difficult to stay focused on a job you are doing. 

There are some simple ways that you can stay focused despite the threats of the above come. Here are 5 tips you can do to improve your concentration.

1. Sleep
Although sounds very simple but lack of sleep can lead to several consequences, one of which is weakening your ability to focus on something. Feeling tired from lack of sleep affects the production of chemicals in the brain that can automatically reduce the power of concentration and make you become forgetful. 

2. Avoid stress
When you feel depressed and experiencing stress, the brain releases stress hormones that affect the brain's ability to concentrate. Surely this will affect the level of memory and ability to focus your resources on something. 

3. Eating healthy foods is important
Foods rich in antioxidants like fruits and vegetables is a source of nutritious food for the needs of brain cells. Therefore, it is very important to consume at least 6 kinds of healthy foods each day, including healthy snacks. Hunger that affects blood sugar production, can also hinder your ability to concentrate. 

4. Train your mind
In order to keep your mind sharp, train the brain to try to do puzzles or play other game types that can help stimulate the brain. This activity can help build mental resilience and makes you more focused and easier to concentrate even when you're dealing with work piling or other disturbance. 

5. Exercise
The researchers revealed that a diligent individual sports activities easier to focus and have better concentration than those who do not do sports. Do exercise such as walking or running up and down the stairs. Too long in front of the computer will not make you focus on a job. Exercising the brain and body are things that can make it easier to focus and concentrate.

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