Importance of Morning Running For Body

Perform regular jogging gives better physical condition and other health, also provides fitness physically and mentally.

Morning jog provide fixed benefits for overall health when done include the following:

1. Creating a strong heart, in which more accelerate blood circulation and respiration;
2. Speeding up the digestive system and helps you get rid of digestive problems;
3. Counteract depression;
4. Increasing capacity to work and lead an active life;
5. Helps you burn fat and obesity;
6. If you have problems with appetite, help you fix it
7. Muscle toning legs, thighs and back;
8. Make sleep more soundly.

Running also can give you the pleasure of physically and mentally. If done correctly, you will not feel tired when you have finished a tour than you did before. You get nice feelings in your muscles during the run and afterwards.

You will feel the gentle breeze blowing around your body, also can listen to the sound of birds chirping, the sound of flowing water, or sound waves in the ocean (if you do so at the waterfront). During the jogging you can also feel a sense of excitement. The clothes you wear should match the weather conditions. In warm weather, shorts and t-shirt is quite comfortable to wear.

However, if you do a route that far it could not hurt to bring extra clothes in a small bag, just in case if the air so bad. Choose clothing that can provide good ventilation, avoid full of stitches, or sharp edges that wrap tightly. As for shoes, wear soft and comfortable, but with a shape that fits in the leg. Select the base can be bent with a bending in the movement of your feet, but enough support against the ground with soil, so it does not make you slip.

Jogging can be accomplished in various ways: the long distance between 2-20 km in regular speed, distance 3-6 km in high speed with the speed being reached within 4-8 kg. You should move slowly with little efforts the first in a few hundred meters to warm up your muscles. Then slowly add your speed. If you've done half the route, you can outrun your capacity. If the route is long enough, you can take two or three spurts using nearly full capacity.

It is recommended to stretch before doing jogging session, and not just on your leg muscles, but also the whole body, do it for 2 minutes before and 3-4 minutes later. If jogging is the only sport activity done, do it once every two days is a measure idelnya. That was enough to provide all health benefits and improve conditions, and your endurance.

But if you combine jogging with other sports, do it twice a week is good enough for health. Maybe you are too hungry to do jogging, but you should not do so after eating. You can do it anytime during the day, but it's a good idea to do jogging as the first activity in the morning.

If you are not accustomed to physical exercise, before starting it is advisable to consult a doctor. You may have a health problem, which is not advised to do, or that you must consider if it did. For first of all, you should run in place for 10 minutes. Then you can add time, distance and speed when used.

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