Individual health

"Cleanliness is a party of faith", individual health is key to creating a comprehensive health care in our environment. If any of his personal guard yourself with good health. No littering and always maintain personal hygiene and environmental health was around then automatically be maintained.

Individual health is the basic key Man purposes, but God dispose, every one wants to be always healthy, but it's not as simple as we talk. It's very easy to talk but difficult to do. Every day every time in our daily life we face so many health threat, let's see the pollution, bacteria and anything else, off course it is a serious thing for our health. The first things to get health body is we must have goal for healthy. If we do not have goal for health,this would just be a nonsense without any proof.

The most precious treasure in our self is health, we rich, handsome or preety means nothing if we get sick. We can not do anything if it is happened to us. There is a wise words that ever i heard "In the health body found the strong soul". Once we know how important a health it is impossible if we underestimate the pogram of health. So many problem that we face when talking about health , and the most importan is the individual health, for the sample some people have a problems with obesity, some very thin or emaciation.

Actually for individual health problems are many ways that we can do to solve this, for example for people who are obese they can do the diet. For people suffering from emaciation they must follow the body building program, eating enough nutritious food, adequate rest and regular exercise as well. Every problem has a solution, God will not create a problem without it's solver, including these health problems.

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