Mantaining Individual Health and Environment

Every one wants to be healty, it is very important things in our life. We can do anything in our life if we health and health itself can help us  to bemore happy. There is so many ways to make us always in health. These a few tips to maintain health :

1. Eat healty food regularly

Some times because we are so busy we usually late for eat, it is a bad habits. If we always late for eat it can cause sick, and f we get sick all our plan will hampered and we will lying in the hospita. I am sure there is no body want to be there for a long time. Remember only eat health food, avoid the high collesterol food, it is not good for your health. 2. Drink lots of water

Most of our body consist water, that is why we must drink lots of water. It can help metabolisme in our body. After we drink water we will be more fresh, and remember only drink pure water, take care your self from contaminated water. It is very danger for our body, drink hot and so cold water too much can cause the sensitive teeth. Be care full.

3. Adequate rest and regular

Stay up too late is not recommended, you will get up late tomorrow and it can make you feel so weak for tomorrow. If you do not have very important things to do avoid stay up too late, except you suffer from insomnia. This disease begin from habits and then it become a disease, so before you suffering this disease immediately to avoid stay up late.

4. Regular excercise

There is so many kinds of excercise you can do, from simmple excercise until heavy sports. My suggestion you may try to practice excercise begin from your sports hobbies, You can do jogging, aerobic, playing soccer or anything you like. The point is to remove sweat from your body, also sports is good for blood sirculation. And the people who like sport will think more clearly.

5. Keep your individual's health and environment

To maintain healthy body you have to frequently clean he body or bath, it is useful to eliminate germs that sticks to our bodies after a day of activities. To maintain a healty environment we can invite our family to work together to clean the home environtment. In addition to make it look more healthy also will look more beautiful. This will also strengthen our relationship with family.

Hopefully useful for us, a healthy life was start of ourselves and today, wait for my next article.. :)

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