Obesity is excess weight as a result of excessive accumulation of  body fat.Everyone needs some body fat to store energy, as heat insulation, shock absorber and other functions. The average woman has more body fat than men.

Comparison between normal-weight body fat is around 25-30% in women and 18-23% in men. Women with more body fat than 30% body fat and men with more than 25% are considered obese.
Someone who has a weight 20% higher than the median value of the range of normal weight is considered obese.

Obesity is classified into 3 groups:

    * Obesity mild       :  20-40% overweight
    * Obesity middle   :  41-100% overweight
    * Obesity weight  :  excess weight> 100% (weight Obesity is found as much as 5% of the people who are obese).

Attention not only to the amount of fat deposited, but also to the location of body fat storage. The pattern of body fat distribution in men and women tend to differ. Women tend to accumulate fat in the hips and buttocks, giving a picture like a pear. While the men usually accumulate fat around the abdomen, thus giving the picture such as apples. But it is not something absolute, sometimes in some men looked like a pear and a few women look like little apples, especially after menopause.

Someone buried a lot of fat in the abdomen may be more susceptible to various health problems associated with obesity.  They have a higher risk.  Pear picture better than the picture of an apple.

To distinguish the two images, has been found a way to determine whether a person is shaped like an apple or pear, namely by calculating the ratio of waist to hip. Waist was measured at the narrowest point, while the hip was measured at the widest point; and waist size divided by hip size. A woman with a waist size of 87.5 cm and 115 cm hip size, has a waist-hip ratio of 0.76. Women with a ratio of waist: hip more than 0.8 or men with a ratio of waist: hip more than 1, said an apple-shaped.

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