Obesity Children Effects

On this post we still talking about the obesity, in the the article before Obesity Causes we also talking about the causes of obesity. Obesity or overweight is not only hit adults. Statistics show that in many countries, obesity also hit the children to some degree of concern. Lack of knowledge of the parent or the view of children overweight or obese is healthy and adorable children can exacerbate this condition. Why are obese or overweight dangerous? So how about it?
Diseases which can be caused by obesity are diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. Diseases once considered a disease of old age and adults, can now be experienced in children due to deposition of fat, cholesterol and sugar contained in the body. Respiratory distress or a greater risk of asthma experienced by children who are obese.

In addition, children with overweight or obesity may also have difficulty moving and impaired growth due to excessive fat deposits in the organs of the body that should develop. Not to mention the psychological effects experienced by children, such taunts from classmates in children who already attend school.

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