Obesity Solutions For Children

Obesity or overweight is not only hit adults. Statistics show that in many countries, obesity also hit the children to some degree of concern. Lack of knowledge of the parent or the view of children overweight or obese is healthy and adorable children can exacerbate this condition. Why are obese or overweight dangerous? So how about it?

To you who have children with overweight or obesity, should not impose a strict diet for children because it can interfere with growth and health. In contrast to address child obesity or preventing your child for not obese, the steps you can take are as follows.

* Consider the food to be given to children

Reduce consumption of fast food or fast food, packaged snacks, soft drinks, sweet snacks or food with high fat content. Instead, serve meat and fresh vegetables. Expand the consumption of fruit and milk are good for growing children. Provide appropriate portion and not too excessive.

* Provide breakfast and lunch for children

Breakfast is a good start for children at the start of the day. This is necessary so that children can be strong when the move in schools and prevent overeating later. By bringing food from home, parents can control the nutrition of children and avoid unnecessary snack for children outside.

* Improve food processing techniques

Do not fry too much food for not too much fat is consumed. You can try to steam, boil or bake food for more healthy food.

* Set the rules of eating

Familiarize your child to eat at the dinner table rather than in front of the television or computer. Many people will not realize how much food they had eaten when she ate while enjoying a television show or in front of the computer.

* Limit television viewing, video games or computer use

Doing these activities will make your child lazy to move, it needs strict rules about how long this activity may be performed. Next, you can help your child for enjoying entertainment such as biking, playing ball or just jump rope.

* Do activities that require physical activity

You and the kids can plan to do with sports activities such as jogging, jog, swim, badminton or other sports. Or plan a vacation together on the beach, zoo or park so that you and your child can walk more.

Children who are obese are funny and adorable. But keep an eye on our beloved sons and daughters so that they grow healthy and also has a lifestyle and a healthy diet. Parents are responsible for providing the best for their children. Remember that obesity or overweight is not a good thing for a child.

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