Tips to Lose Weight

"It's not an easy thing to lose weight!", That's the usual comments we hear. All things must be difficult if we had no idea and direction. Therefore, to lose weight we must also understand how.

There are some good tips for you to run, but here does not include turning the needle so that body weights decreased Laughing

1. Reduce carbohydrates (rice, bread, etc.) and avoid fats (fried foods, coconut milk).
But do not you eliminate carbohydrates from your eating because the body needs carbohydrates remain, just not too much.

2. For the portion of your meal from 3 to 6 times a day.
Huh? How come? Of course you should make it a half servings of each meal. Then 3 of them eat it no need to use extra cooked rice, but fruit or non-fat milk.

3. Avoid sugar in your drinks!

Beverages that bring most troops are sugar soft drinks. It is advisable to not drink it anymore. Always ask for mineral water if you're eating out. Once a sweet tea-time to salve is still not right.

4. Eating the last 2-3 hours before bedtime
Because the fat began to be stacked when you sleep, and if you eat before bed it will become easy targets for fat accumulation. If you're hungry, it's better to drink only non-fat milk or WRP or something.

5. No more fried foods, replace it with a grilled or poached
But be careful, usually spread with grilled chicken oil. Best of all, you say to a ripe old, do not use oil yes.

6. Cardio exercise (jogging, running, swimming, jump rope, treadmill)
This type will make you burn fat deposits with success. Do the routine every day.

7. Beautiful morning for practice
Practicing in the morning would be more effective, because your stomach is empty and of course the main combustion will take from your fat.

8. A healthy walk
Try you can walk away if the distance is not too far away. Or when there is a choice between an escalator or stairs, select a ladder! Except when in the mall of course that usually there are only escalators, but you can do to continue walking on the escalator.

9. Rest taste
A good resting time is 8 hours a day. Do not over do less.

10. Enjoy your life
Manage all your diet and exercise for fun, so there will not be a yo-yo dieting (weight sometimes down sometimes rises). If you enjoy a healthy lifestyle you are new, of course you do not until bored khan.

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