Sugar Can Save Your Life

Sugar Can Save Your Life
Ever speculate what you might do in the event that you were stranded in a remote location with no medical expertise at your side? Suppose you were caught in a jungle environment with snipers keeping you pinned down and cutting off from access to proper medical facilities. Normally such occurrences should present no major barrier to your health unless by chance you happen to have received a wound during the skirmish. In that case infection can quickly set in.

Not many of us have a complete medical supply kit at our disposal for use in fighting a quickly spreading infection however do not fear as help is close by. Most of us have room whether it is in our knapsack or in your favorite bug out bag to transport a few packets of ordinary white sugar to fight bacteria infections.

That's correct folks you heard me correctly, common sugar can possibly save your life from any bacterial infection encountered. Sugar packs are small enough that you can carry a good supply in your bug out bag just in case the need may arise. In fact, these emergency sugar packs can fit snuggly in with your usual food supplies causing no additional loss of valuable space.

Apart from sugar being a potential component of an array of homemade explosives it can also hold an honored place as a first aid ingredient. It is readily capable of killing harmful bacteria which could be potentially life threatening. When it comes to an open and infected wound, sugar can serve as one of nature's best antibiotics.

In the olden days sugar was frequently applied directly to various wounds or cuts in order to act as an effective bacteria fighter and antiseptic. It was not that very long ago that products containing natural antiseptic type ingredients were popular with the family homemaker such as sugar soaps which are composed of sugar and lemon juice. The lemon juice in the soap would create an acidic environment which protected the individual against unwanted bacteria buildup, aided in the rapid healing of wounds and healed burns quickly. By using such a product daily the soap would often easily balance out any skin secretions and prevent oily skin. There are no undesirable side effects of sugar soap treatments.

At many of the worlds major zoos sugar is now being employed as an effective means of combating animal infections. When these caged creatures get into fights and receive serious and damaging wounds the vet will readily apply sugar to the infected area. Let's talk logic here for one moment - if such measure will work successfully for zoo animals than it is likely that these same measures will display similar effects on humans as well.

The procedure for using the sugar against infection buildup is rather simple. You merely clean the wound the best you can, spread the sugar carefully over the wound and bandage it securely with a covering of duct tape or if small enough a band-aid. After bandaging the wound let it sit quietly for several hours undisturbed. If you happen to be in an area where bugs and insects are abundant be on the alert for those which might care to feast on your sugar antibiotic. Wash the wound with fresh, clean water ever four hours and replace the sugar packing as needed. That's it - simple and quick.

By Joseph Parish

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