Simple and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Simple and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast
There are numerous diet plans which promise fast weight loss, but many of them are not only unhealthy but can also be extremely dangerous. Is it possible to lose weight quickly, safely and healthily? The simple answer is yes, of course it is.

Losing weight fast does not mean shedding 15 pounds in a week, this would be extremely excessive. How does making a few small changes to our habits and easily and steadily losing weight and reaching our goal over a period of 2-3 months sound? Of course the length of time it takes is dependent on how much weight we need to lose, but for most of us a few months is a reasonable length of time.

If this is the course of action we would like to take, here are a few simple, healthy weight loss tips:

- Drink plenty of water.

We have all heard of what a significant part that our water intake plays in our quest to lose weight, and it does actually work. Drinking a minimum of 64 ounces of water daily has many beneficial effects on our body. Firstly, it helps our body to release any water which has been retained to avoid dehydration. We can easily lose a few pounds in water weight within the first few days of increasing our water consumption. Secondly, being fully hydrated helps maintain the healthy function of our vital organs, muscles and cells, which not only helps us to lose weight, but also makes us feel healthier. Thirdly, drinking plenty of water helps to make us feel fuller, relieves cravings and suppresses hunger, even if we are not eating as much as we normally do.

- Pay attention to hunger signs.

How many times do we eat just for the sake of eating when we are really not particularly hungry? Sometimes we just feel like nibbling and picking at food throughout the day, but doing this can lead to increasing our calorie intake excessively. Ideally we should only eat when we feel physically hungry, not restless, bored, in need of comfort, to relieve stress, or simply because others around us are eating. Our body can show obvious signs of hunger when our stomach feels hollow, empty, and it makes growling and rumbling sounds. Another sign that our body needs fuel is when we begin to feel weak, shaky or irritable.

- Reduce portion sizes.

Many of us are guilty of eating far more than our body actually needs in one sitting. Even when we are full, we keep eating because the food is delicious, or we think that we must empty our plate, we may not like the idea of food being wasted, or we do not wish to offend if we are dining at family or friends homes. Smaller portioned meals and snacks throughout the day are much more effective for weight loss than eating three enormous meals each day.

We should start by paying attention to how much our body is really asking for. We should eat slowly, savouring the flavours until we notice the signal that our stomach sends to our brain telling us when we have had enough, then stop. The signs may be subtle, but we will soon be able to recognise the signs if we pay attention.

These three tips may be simple and straight forward but they work towards helping us to lose weight fast and healthily.

By Dave Townley

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