5 Plants to Fight Your Acne

Tomato belongs to herbaceous plants, the stem is massive and hairy. The stem has 2 parts, the woody stem and the Shoot Apical Meristem. The white flowers come out of the leaf axillary. The fruit is green when young, then turn to red after getting old. Tomato fruit contains various vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin A and B1. It also contains substances such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and sulfur. To get rid of acne, try to choose a ripe tomato fruit. Then cut into pieces and then directly used for acne facial scrub. If you are keen to get used to wearing the tomatoes, you are also guaranteed to face beamed back, free of acne.

Carambola Wuluh
Starfruit plants can grow well in the open. The trunk is branched, leaves are being finned even. Small hanging flowers red or purplish. The flesh contains a lot of water which taste sour. There is a green fruit color, some are yellow or white. Starfruit containing potassium oxalate, flavonoids, pectin, tannins, gallic acid, and ferulic acid. To get rid of acne, take 5 pieces starfruit, wash and then mash until smooth. After that, squeeze the salt water as necessary. Rub on the face or other parts of the skin with acne. Do it three times a day. Undoubtedly, your face will be smooth and will glow.

Cucumber plants belong to the vines or creeping. The crackers, fluffy, and long reach 3 meters. The flowers are yellow. The fruit is round-length. Cucumber, in addition contains a lot of water and it also contains vitamins A, B1 and C as well as some substances, such as saponins, proteins, fats, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and sulfur. With regard to acne, choose a young cucumber. Wash thoroughly, then cut into pieces. Slowly, rub it on your face with acne. Use it at least 3 times a day. 

At the age of 2-3 years, lime trees begin to bear fruit. Ping-pong ball-sized fruit, green or yellowish, and sour taste. Citrus fruit juice containing elements of chemical compounds such as limonene, linalin acetate, acetic geranil, fellandren, sitral, and citric acid. To block acne, look at the orange juice that was old, and cut the average. Rub on face with acne, about 2-3 times a day.

Wild Ginger
The main components of substances in ginger rhizome is curcumin and essential oil. Curcumin is very useful as acnevulgaris, anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), and anti-hepatotoxic. The content of curcumin in turmeric rhizome ranged from 1.6 to 2.2 percent, calculated on dry weight. While essential oils contain phelandren ginger, camphor, borneol, xanthorrhizol, and sineal. If you want acne to be gone forever, take a finger rhizome of ginger, washed and chopped. Boil 4 cups of clean water, then simmer until just half. Once cool, filtered and drunk (you can also add honey). Drink half a glass, twice a day.

By Jane Stratton

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