Hair Care Tips and Fertile

Tea Benefits For Hair;

Water tea is not only enjoyable, but can also to nourish hair. It's just not the tea water as usual. That is, water stale tea. The trick is; Water silenced tea one night. Better yet, if the water is put in place an open tea. This meant that the tea water is condensing.

How to use it on hair that is: before the bath, the tea water was sprayed to the hair. Then close the section of hair with a towel and allow about half an hour, so that the tea absorbs water in the hair. After that rinse as usual.

Here Are The Tips For Your Hair Care :

* Avoid combing hair while wet. Just leave your hair dry naturally. Wet hair is more easily separated if interested in the slightest. Habit of combing your hair when wet must stop start caring for and loving your hair.

* Choose a comb with teeth that rare. If you use a hijab, you should comb your hair first. This will make your hair neat at the same time to wake up with blood circulation in the head.

* Do not overuse hair dryer or hair dryer. If you're forced to use it, you should use a low temperature. Note also the distance with a hair dryer. Keep the distance is about 10-15 cm from the hair shaft. Too often dry hair will make your hair moisture damaged.

* Frequently Letting or break your hair. Especially when you sleep. Eliminate the habit of tying or pinning hair firmly. It can make your hair brittle and fall out. Also custom hair tie can make your hair growth is not good.

* To keep moisture from hair, you should use protective head like a scarf, hat or umbrella when you are in the sun.

* To be more healthy hair and also look fashionable, often to change the line parts and style your hair. Changing parts of the same scalp avoid sun exposure in the long run. It can prevent hair loss slowly.

* Perform maintenance on the hair in particular, at least at least 2 weeks. Do activity creambath, hairmask, and hair spa to beautify and nourish your hair.

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