Tips to Improve Brain Performance

Some say that the performance and the ability of the brain that depend on the owner. There is a saying that British people say "Used lose it or you will from it", meaning if not often used, trained, let alone not be used at all, the ability of the brain will continue to weaken, even could have been lost. Here are some tips to keep the brain still works well.

Usually marked by often forget, hard to concentrate, not emotionally stable tire quickly and often filmed. Easy-easy new symptoms that I mentioned earlier did not happen to you.

* Be diligent reading. Always read the newspapers, magazines or books every day. 

* Learn new things. For example, computer learning, playing certain musical instruments, or learn a foreign language, or do something that suits your talents. 

* Visit the places or areas that have never visited before. 

* Do not hesitate to fill out a crossword puzzle, or to answer questions from the various quizzes that you come across well on television, magazines or newspapers. 

* Try to give a mark on the calendar, especially for the date - the date that you think is important. 
* Make a note reminders, whatever you want to remind yourself. 

* Make lists (daily, monthly) that you need to do. 

* To remember the name of the person, consider the typical person. for information stored in the memory is not too much, so easily launch your back when needed. 

* To recall phone numbers and car number, make a simple song from these numbers. 

* Always store your goods no place set and make simple song for it.

* Eat foods bergisi and vitamins, especially vitamin B12 

* Try to concentrate on what you just read, hear, feel or who you see.

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