Tips for Maintaining Healthy Eyes While Working In Front Of Monitor

Computers and other equipment, such as monitors, have become common in every office job. It is not strange if many people have to work in front of the monitor  all day. At first we might be a little worried about the influence of  computers  and monitors radiation emitted  light  can disrupt the body's health, especially the  eyes. However, the experts never give in to create equipment that increasingly  friendly  to the environment and health.

Even so, working too long in front of the monitor screen still can affect health, such as eye fatigue, back pain, shoulder and neck. Here are some tips to overcome fatigue and eye strain while working  in front of the monitor. Hopefully we can keep the gift of a fixed eye, although they had to work long hours.

1. Work in the room is fairly light.

Notice the lighting in your workspace. Do not work in the room is too bright and dazzling. Use blinds to adjust light from the window. Place lamps on their heads. Avoid staring at the light directly. Conversely, do not also work in a room that is too dark or dim. Try to keep your room bright enough agarmata terllau you do not work hard.

2. Use a filter monitor.

To reduce glare and radiation emitted by the monitor, use the monitor glass filter. Talk to your computer equipment vendor to get a good filter and capable mengurangipengaruh radiation, not just dim light of the monitor.

3. Check your monitor.

Check if your monitor is still working properly? Compare with other monitors. When a picture is looking increasingly dim, flickering or not comfortable for your eyes, then it is time to repair or replace the monitor. Better to change the monitor rather than letting your eyes disturbed. Frequently clean the monitor from dust and kotoranyang disturbing display.

4. Place the paper for readability.

If you must work with a copy or read the paper, then place the paper work is in balance with the distance of your monitor. This is so you do not need to go back and forth to focus the view to read your paper work, after reading on the monitor screen.

5. Note the position of the monitor.

Place the monitor screen in such a way as to form an angle of 10-15 degrees from the straight line with your views. This is in addition to avoid tiring your eyes, also keep your shoulders and neck cukupnyaman work.

5. Work with "font" that is big enough.

If you must edit the text in front of the computer, make sure the size or "font" letters that you use big enough. Do not force your eyes to read small letters on the monitor. Your eyes is not a microscope for the writings of the screen. Use the facility to increase or adjust the display image on your monitor. When you've finished editing or read it, you can return it to posisisemula fonts.

6. Rest your eyes.

Relax your eyes. Close or blink-blink. Do not rub your eyes. However, frequent blinking. This can reduce tension and keep your eyes still wet and cool. If you are too old to see at close range, switch your view towards the distant. Do iniselama few minutes every 30 minutes.

7. Check your glasses or contact lenses.

If you use glasses or contact lenses and you have to work all day in front of the monitor, there is a good idea to consult your eye doctor or optical so you can get glasses that fit. Both, the size of the lens and frame. If you feel tired of wearing sunglasses, uninstall it. Glasses can make eyes tired.

Occasionally let your eyes see free. However, soon you wear glasses if I have to wear it. Do not force your eyes to see without the aid of your glasses.

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