Obesity Causes

Obesity or being overweight can cause many negative effects on health. Children who are innocent do not necessarily understand this danger. So, is the responsibility of parents keep their children stay healthy. Parents should know what causes of obesity and how to prevent or treat child obesity problem.
Some causes of obesity in children are:
  • Genetic factors
Is the heredity from parents who are difficult to avoid. When the father or mother overweight, this can be reduced in children.
  • Fast food and snacks in containers
 The rise of fast food restaurants is one factor. The kids mostly like fast food or fast food even many children who will eat with gusto and add portions when eating fast food. Though these foods generally contain high fat and sugar which causes obesity. Busy parents who often use fast food is practically given to children served to them, although bad for the child's nutritional content. Fast food even taste good but do not have the nutrients for growth and development. That's why fast food is often referred to as junk food or junk food. In addition, children's favorite on snacks in containers or sweet foods into something noteworthy.
  • Soft drink
Just like fast food, soft drinks (soft drinks) proved to have a high sugar content so that the weight will quickly increase if you consume these beverages. A delicious and refreshing taste makes the kids really enjoyed this drink.
  • Lack of physical activity
 Childhood identical to the play. In the past, kids games are generally physical game that requires kids running, jumping or other movement. However, it has been replaced with electronic games, computers, Internet, or television that is done by just sitting in front of it without having to move. This is what causes a child less exercise causing overweight.

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