The Dangers of Obesity

Weight Set

Weight control is a process of eliminating or avoiding the accumulation of fat in the body. This depends on the relationship between the amount of food consumed by the amount of energy used. Little did you eat and more energy is released, then you will lose fat. Weight control is very important for health because of obesity (too fat) can cause heart problems. Obesity is a serious disease that can lead to emotional and social problems. People who are overweight (obese) may not obese, but overweight words often used for people suffering from obesity. Being overweight means having a body weight above the average for a certain height.

Some people have a body weight below average because they have smaller bones and muscles. While others have a weight below average due to less fat accumulation. In this case the lack of weight does not mean less healthy. But many also have a weight below average caused by diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or tuberculosis. Some children have a weight below the average could be early signs of growth. People who have a body weight below the average should consult with your doctor, if not find a disease, then do not have to worry about.People who are not too fat do not need to lose weight for health reasons. To keep the body healthy enough with a simple exercise such as walking or exercising.

The Dangers of obesity

People who are too fat compared with thinner people more susceptible to certain diseases. Treatment of these diseases among obese people are often less successful. Certain illnesses such as appendicitis, cirrhosis, diabetes, and heart and blood vessel disease, especially coronary heart disease. Patients with one of these diseases, being overweight is more easily treated if they lose weight.

People who are very obese will easily fall in and easily have an accident other than thinner people, because they are slow and awkward. Often more difficult to heal from the wounds meraka for doing surgery on them is very complicated. Obesity has cut their freedom of movement, especially in the elderly, which can lead to lower overall health due to lack of exercise. The decrease freedom of movement in patients with rheumatoid arthritis obesity, resulting in difficulty in healing.

In some parts of the hemisphere, obese people may be denied in many ways. Fat people are often not treated well by others, including classmates at school. In general they are less successful than others in the association and they are more difficult to get a job.

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