4 tips For You Who Often Sit Too Long In Front of Computer

Here are four tips for those of you who often sit in front of the computer so long your body more healthy!

Sitting too long in front of a computer can lead to posture problems, even the impact on overall body health. To avoid health problems occur, a health expert, Dr Helen Lee, DC, provides a variety of tips to improve your posture.

Dr Lee explained that poor sitting posture can lead to poor health as well. "Sitting in a long time, year after year to make the circulation of the body decreases, slows metabolism, blood sugar imbalances and affect the balance posture muscles," said Dr. Lee.

As quoted from she knows, Dr. Lee provides a holistic approach to healthy posture.

1. Put a small pillow
Dr. Lee suggested put a small pillow behind your lower back. To be around the waist and buttocks can be comfortable and rested.

2. Body Posture
Have any good chair if you sit the wrong way it will not improve your posture. Avoid bending, too close to the computer keyboard and crossed his legs.

Here's how to sit the right:

- The two legs placed straight on the floor with your knees slightly more than the hips or high-bench.

- Elbows comfortably on the side or placed on the back of the chair and straight shoulders relaxed.

- Head looking straight ahead

- Focus on abdominal breathing to increase oxygen to the body. Abdominal breathing also causes the body to stay relaxed.

3. Drinking A lots of Water
Dehydration can make you easy tired and I sat tends to fall when you are short of water in the body. Drink water, tea or juice to avoid dehydration.

4. Move
Avoid sitting in a chair all day. Move regularly to get up every 15 to 30 minutes or so to stretch the muscle. You also can take a walk to raise energy.

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